Is Costly A Noun?

Is admiring an adverb?

In a way worthy of admiration.

To an admirable degree..

What is another word for cost?

Synonyms of costcharge,disbursement,expenditure,expense,outgo,outlay.

What is basic cost?

Prime CostPrime cost consists of costs of direct materials, direct labors and direct expenses. It is also known as basic, first or flat cost. … Total CostSelling and distribution overheads are added to the total cost of production to get total cost or the cost of sales.

How is total cost calculated?

Add your fixed and variable costs to determine your total cost. As with personal budgets, the formula for calculating a business’s total costs is quite simple: Fixed Costs + Variable Costs = Total Cost.

What is the past tense of cost?

past tense of cost is cost or costed.

What is the adjective form of costly?

adjective. /ˈkɔstli/ (costlier, costliest) 1You can also use more costly and most costly.

Is cost a noun or verb?

verb (used with object), cost or, for 10, cost·ed;cost·ing. to require the payment of (money or something else of value) in an exchange:That camera cost $200. to result in or entail the loss of: Carelessness costs lives. to cause to lose or suffer: The accident cost her a broken leg.

Is Costly an adverb?

The problem with costly may be that it looks like an adverb as it ends in -ly. This is confusing as most adverbs end in -ly, but costly is an exception and is an adjective.

What kind of verb is cost?

Conjugation of ‘Cost’Base Form (Infinitive):CostPast Simple:CostPast Participle:Cost3rd Person Singular:CostsPresent Participle/Gerund:Costing

What type of word is costly?

adjective, cost·li·er, cost·li·est. costing much; expensive; high in price: a costly emerald bracelet; costly medical care. resulting in great expense: The upkeep of such a large house is costly. resulting in great detriment: It was a costly mistake because no one ever trusted him again.

What are the 3 types of cost?

The types are: 1. Fixed Costs 2. Variable Costs 3. Semi-Variable Costs.

How do you spell cost?

How Do You Spell COST? Correct spelling for the English word “cost” is [kˈɒst], [kˈɒst], [k_ˈɒ_s_t] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Is costliest a word?

1. Of high price or value; expensive: costly jewelry. 2. Entailing loss or sacrifice: a costly war.

Is costliness a word?

costliness noun [U] (HIGH PRICE) the fact of being expensive or too expensive: The hotel is very popular, despite its costliness.

Is too an adverb?

Too is an adverb.

What is the noun form of costs?

noun. noun. /kɔst/ 1[countable, uncountable] the amount of money that you need in order to buy, make, or do something the high/low cost of housing A new computer system has been installed at a cost of $150,000. The plan had to be abandoned on grounds of cost.

Is Rent a direct cost?

There are very few direct costs. The cost of any consumable supplies directly used to manufacture a product can be considered a direct cost. … Other costs that are not direct costs include rent, production salaries, maintenance costs, insurance, depreciation, interest, and all types of utilities.

How do you use costly in a sentence?

Examples of costly in a Sentence We use less costly materials in our products. It was too costly to fix her car after the accident, so she decided to buy a new car instead. They won the game, but their best player was injured, so it was a costly victory. The decision to wait could be a costly mistake.