Is Donkey Kong Jr Dead?

How much does Diddy Kong weigh?

Donkey Kong (character)Donkey KongBirthdayUnknownSexMaleHeight238.76 cm (7′ 10″)Weight362.874 kg (800lbs)5 more rows.

How old is Bowser Jr Mario?

Bowser Jr. is hinted to be 5-6 years old.

Is Donkey Kong Jr the current Donkey Kong?

as the titular hero, who had to save his father, Donkey Kong, from Mario. While he is occasionally identified as a younger version of the modern Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. is currently considered his father, which also makes him the son of Cranky Kong.

Is Cranky Kong Donkey Kong’s father?

Cranky Kong – Donkey Kong’s grandfather, and Wrinkly Kong’s husband. He is the “Original” Donkey Kong from the 1981 arcade game. he has the same name of the current Donkey Kong, but people call him Cranky Kong now. Resembles a gorilla with his beard referencing silver-back gorillas.

Who is funky Kong?

Funky Kong (ファンキーコング Fankī Kongu) is a recurring character in the Donkey Kong series. Funky often serves as an ally to the Kong Family by offering services such as his transportation and weaponry. He has also recently been appearing in most DK spin-offs and even Mario spin-offs. He is also in the Mario Kart Series.

Is Funky Kong Diddy Kong’s dad?

Tiny Kong – Dixie Kong’s younger sister, Kiddy and Chunky Kong’s cousin. Okay, okay, okay. So it’s Donkey Kong (parentage unknown) and Funky Kong who are brothers. Their nephew is Diddy; he has no siblings.

How old is Wario?

38WarioWario WarioAge38BirthdayUnknownSexMaleHeight5’75 more rows

Who is Donkey Kong’s son?

Donkey Kong Jr.Donkey Kong Jr., also known as DK Jr. or simply Junior, is the protagonist of the 1982 arcade game of the same name and the son of the original Donkey Kong.

How old is Luigi?

Being the younger twin of Mario, Luigi is presumed to be also 24–25 years old.

Is Dixie Kong Diddy Kong’s girlfriend?

Dixie Kong — Diddy Kong’s girlfriend, Tiny Kong’s older sister, Kiddy and Chunky Kong’s cousin.

Why is Donkey Kong not a donkey?

Miyamoto used “donkey” to convey “stubborn” in English; the name Donkey Kong was intended to convey “stubborn ape” to the American audience. When he suggested this name to Nintendo of America, people laughed, but the name stuck.

How old is chunky Kong?

Chunky Kong is a character who debuted in Donkey Kong 64 for the Nintendo 64. Chunky is the older brother of Kiddy Kong. Chunky Kong is a big, strong ape that helps Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, and Lanky Kong on their mission to defeat K. Rool and his Kremling army.

Is Mario the bad guy in Donkey Kong?

Mario (or Jumpman) is the main protagonist of the 1981 Nintendo game Donkey Kong and the main antagonist of the 1982 Nintendo game Donkey Kong Jr. … His role just worsened in the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr. as he is actually the villain in that game.

Is Donkey Kong in the Mario universe?

Not at all. Mario & Donkey Kong both stem from the same game – being Donkey Kong (1981). Mario has a deep history with DK and there is always a connection between the two in their respective series.

Is Funky Kong Good or bad?

Mario Kart seriesEdit Funky Kong is the Staff Ghost for GCN DK Mountain. While he does not have his own race course, he does have his own battle arena: Funky Stadium. Although Funky Kong features a good speed bonus, it is not as good as that of Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy.

Why is Funky Kong so good?

Funky Kong is widely used among competitive players in Mario Kart Wii due to his very high-speed stat.

Is Diddy Kong Donkey Kongs son?

Diddy Kong – Donkey Kong’s nephew and little buddy. Dixie Kong’s slightly younger boyfriend. In DKC and DKC2, Cranky is mentioned as being related to Diddy which makes Diddy his great-grandson. DK Junior’s grandson.