Question: Can I Say Thank You Both?

Does thank you both make sense?

Yes, “thanks, both of you” is grammatically correct.

But “thanks, you both” or “thanks, you two” is more commonly used in informal situations, since they are easier to say..

Which is correct you both or both of you?

Executive summary: “both of you” is the normal, grammatical expression; whereas, “you both” is used for extra emphasis. Both are grammatically correct.

What can you say instead of thank you?

Other Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” and “Thank You Very Much” in Writing1 Thank you for all your hard work on this. … 2 Thanks again, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you. … 3 Thank you, you’re amazing! … 4 I’m so thankful for everything you bring to the table. … 5 Thank you kindly.6 Thanks a million. … 7 Many thanks.More items…•

Can I say thank you everyone?

You can just say “Thank you, everyone” — I added to it to convey the sincerity.)

How do you use both correctly?

Using ‘Both’:Both is used with plural noun.Using Both with ‘and’:Both can be used to link two adjectives to a sentence.Both also can be used to link two nouns to a sentence.Using Both with ‘of’:Note: When we use both (without ‘of’) with plural nouns , ‘the’ which is a determiner is dropped.Both can be used as a pronoun:More items…

How are you both reply?

“Great!” “I’m doing really well, thank you,” or “Fantastic!” are all good ways to answer. They will tell the other person that you are enthusiastic and ready to work. You might be shaking hands, too.

How do you say thank you to more than one person?

It depends on the group of people you are representing.Suppose if they are your friends or well known peers ,you can use:- “thanks everyone”.But if you wanna say formally(for formal use):- “thank you everyone”.Generally I prefer “thank you everyone”.

How do you say thank you in different styles?

Other ways to say thank you in any occasionI appreciate what you did.Thank you for thinking of me.Thank you for your time today.I value and respect your opinion.I am so thankful for what you did.I wanted to take the time to thank you.I really appreciate your help. Thank you.Your kind words warmed my heart.More items…•

Does thank you both need a comma?

Thank you both for helping. It’s not incorrect but, yes, the use of commas here is really unnecessary. Stating it as “Thank you both for helping” is cleaner and more common.

Do you need a comma after thank you?

If you include someone’s name after “thank you,” you should insert a comma after “thank you” to separate the statement from the name of the person being addressed. If there is more to the sentence, use another comma after the name to separate it from the rest of the sentence.

Is thanks to all of you correct?

“Thanks, all of you” requires a pause to be correct. “Thanks” is actually a noun, but it is used as an abbreviation for “thank you.” It is not completely interchangeable with “thank you,” though. “Thanks to all of you,” however, is correct.

How do you write thank you both?

The expression “thank you both” is correct to use when you wish to thank two people. In this expression, the word “thank” is the verb, and the word “you” is the subject, which the word “both” makes plural.