Question: How Do You Explain There And Their?

How do you explain their?

There means the opposite of here; “at that place.” Their means “belongs to them.” They’re is a contraction of “they are” or “they were.”.

When use these and this?

We use this, that, these and those to point to people and things. This and that are singular. These and those are plural. We use them as determiners and pronouns.

What is the homophone of weight?

The words wait and weight are homophones: they sound alike but have different meanings. The verb wait means to stay in place until something else happens.

How is their used?

“Their” is used to indicate possession; it replaces a singular or plural noun. Example 1: This is their dog. In this sentence, “their” is used to refer to a dog that is owned. … In this sentence, “theirs” is used to refer to a house that is owned.

How many types of sentences are there?

four typesThere are four types of sentences: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. We go over each of the different types of sentences in this section, explaining what the purpose of the sentence type is, how to use it, and what examples of it look like.

What is the difference between the there’s?

Lesson Summary ‘There’, ‘their’, and ‘they’re’ are hononyms that frequently cause problems for writers. ‘There’ is an adverb that refers to a location, as in ‘over there’. ‘Their’ is a possessive pronoun that takes the place of a plural noun and shows possession, as in ‘their house’.

How do you use the word their in a sentence?

Some examples of “their” in a sentence should help you get its usage right:The red one is their house.The beagle is their dog.Going to the store was their idea.They’re in over their heads.Joe and Sue always want things their way.I didn’t know that it was their cat.Their dog is always barking.More items…

Which part of speech is their?

“Their” is a plural possessive pronoun, and means “belonging to them”; it’s the plural form of “his” or “her”.

What is the meaning of their?

When to use their Their is the possessive case of the pronoun they, meaning belonging to them. As in: They left their cell phones at home.

Where do we use there and their?

Their is the possessive pronoun, as in “their car is red”; there is used as an adjective, “he is always there for me,” a noun, “get away from there,” and, chiefly, an adverb, “stop right there”; they’re is a contraction of “they are,” as in “they’re getting married.”

What is the homophone of Boy?

buoyThe homophone for “boy” is “buoy.” These are called homophones.

Can you use their for objects?

While English has several pronouns for the third-person singular: he, she, it, and one, it only has one third-person plural: they. “They” can refer to more than one person OR to more than one thing. So yes, your sentences are correct. … It is absolutely fine to use them/they/their to refer to inanimate objects.

What is they’re called?

They’re is a contraction of they are. Note the spelling: The a from are is replaced by an apostrophe. Examples: Their dog has fleas. ( possessive of they)

Is there’re correct?

Yes Chris Norton sir, “There’re” is Grammatically correct. “There’re” is the short form of “There are” phrase. “There’re” is the contraction form of two words: “There” and “are”.

What is it called when you use the wrong there?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A malapropism (also called a malaprop, acyrologia, or Dogberryism) is the mistaken use of an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound, resulting in a nonsensical, sometimes humorous utterance.

What does you’re mean?

your/ you’re You’re is short for “you are” and your shows ownership. If you’re getting them mixed up, your secret is safe with us. Better yet, here’s help! It’s your secret. And now you’re about to know more.

What does too mean?

Too is an adverb that can mean “excessively” or “also.” Just to be clear: two is pronounced the same as to and too, but it can’t be used instead of either of them because it’s a number.

What is the difference between where were and wear?

Where can be a adverb, conjunction, or pronoun. It has to do with directions. Were is a verb and the past tense of be. Wear is also a verb, but has to do with clothes or fatigue.

What are the 3 types of there’s?

Their, There, They’reTheir. Their is the third person plural possessive adjective, used to describe something as belong to them. … There. There has several different uses. … They’re. They’re is the contraction of “they are” and is often followed by the present participle. … The Bottom Line.