Question: Is It Better Than I Or Better Than Me?

Who better than me meaning?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the expression “better you than me” has this definition: said by someone who does not want to do the thing that someone else is doing..

Is it smarter than I smarter than me?

With “smarter than me”, ‘than’ is used as a preposition and ‘me’ is the object of the than clause. They are both correct. Usage trumps reference and the majority of native English speakers use ‘me’ over ‘I’. With “smarter than I”, than is used as a conjunction and the verb to be is implied to make “smarter than I am”.

What does rather you than me mean?

Rather you than me is an expression used when someone has something unpleasant or arduous to do. It is meant in a good natured way of expressing both sympathy and having a bit of a laugh at their expense.

What does than mean?

more, less, and fewerthan(Preposition) introduces a comparison, and is associated with comparatives, and with words such as more, less, and fewer. Typically, it seeks to measure the force of an adjective or similar description between two predicates.

What is the meaning of better?

1a : in a more excellent manner sings better than I do. b : to greater advantage : preferably some things are better left unsaid. 2a : to a higher or greater degree he knows the story better than you do. b : more it is better than nine miles to the next town.

Do you say my wife and I or my wife and me?

Sorry, dear readers, but in this case “my wife and me” is correct. “I” and “me” are personal pronouns. “I” is used when the pronoun is the subject of the sentence. “Me” is used when the pronoun is the object.

Is it harder than or harder?

When trying to determine whether you should use “than” or “then,” remember that “than” makes a comparison, whereas “then” involves ordering events or items. Take the sentence: The quiz was harder “than” I had expected.

Is Smarter a real word?

Of course. It is the superlative of the adjective, “smart”. So, it’s smart/smarter/smartest. “Susie is smart, but Jane is smarter than Susie.

Is it better than me or better then me?

Because the first person pronoun is now the subject of its own clause “I am”, it should be “I” and not “me”. As a preposition, “better than” creates its own prepositional phrase and may take an object. Thus, this construction requires the first person pronoun to become “me” because it is the object of a preposition.

Which is correct than I or than me?

Than I versus than me He is younger than me. He is younger than I. Answer: ‘I’ is more correct in formal English, but ‘me’ is acceptable in informal English and is increasingly used in formal English too. ‘I’ is more ‘correct’ because you’re comparing two subjects.

Is older than me correct grammar?

“”He is older than me” is grammatically correct one. In formal language it is possibly better to use ‘I’ but in everyday usage ‘me’ is more common unless followed by a verb or clause. This isn’t any tricky. When we use than as a preposition, it takes an object pronoun (me) : He is older than me.

Where you are coming from correct the sentence?

Answer: It is correct and doesn’t need any correction. Reason: when you want to ask / enquire from someone the place the person has just been, you’d ask, “Where are you coming from?”.

What is the rule for using I or me in a sentence?

We use I when it is the subject of the sentence – the person doing the action. ✔ Sally and I went to the movies. Me (and us, him, her, you, and them) are also pronouns but they substitute for the object of the verb. They are classed as object pronouns as they are the object or receiver of the action.

Is Its me correct grammar?

It’s then correct to say it’s me. “It is ME” is not grammatically correct in the academic sense, but is used in spoken English. “It is I” is grammatically correct in the pure sense, but would never be used in spoken English – or very rarely by people who speak in an ultra-formal dialect.