Quick Answer: Are The French Germanic Or Celtic?

Is French Germanic?

No, French is not considered a Germanic language; instead, it is considered a Romance language.

French, together with other Romance languages such as Spanish or Italian, arose from Vulgar Latin..

Are French and German the same race?

France and Germany are neighbouring nations with certain distinct cultural features. They do not describe ethnicities, however. Some regions, like the Elsass, are even cultural mixes of the two. … Modern French and Germans presumably often mix Celtic/Gaelic, Germanic and Roman genetic heritage, aside of several others.

Are the Celts Germanic?

No! The Celts were an amalgamation of many tribal and nomadic people. They all came under the banner of ‘Celtic’ due to geography, language, art, culture. … not only are we celts not a Germanic race, like the English.

What do the French call themselves?

les FrançaisThe name of the French people is “les Français”. S silent, capital F. This noun will change according to the gender of the people you are referring to: One Frenchman: un Français (ends in a ay sound, s silent).

Is French Germanic or Latin?

“The French language is still predominately Latin in character and origins. The Germanic elements (Mostly Frankish) are not numerous enough to call it a “Latin-Germanic” or probably even a “Romance-Mixed” language like Romanian. ”

Why did Germany hate France?

Franco-Prussian War The forces of Prussian and the other German states (excluding Austria) crushed the French armies at the Battle of Sedan. … The short-term French reaction was Revanchism: a sense of bitterness, hatred and demand for revenge against Germany, especially because of the loss of Alsace and Lorraine.