Quick Answer: Is Army A Common Noun?

Is Army a collective noun?

Some collective nouns can stand alone, such as “Britain has an army”, but if the collective noun “army” is used to mean something other than an organized military force, you can say things like “an army of women” or “an army of ants”, and even “an army of one”..

Is soldiers a common noun?

The word ‘soldier’ is not a proper noun. It is a common noun. A ‘soldier’ is a member of the U.S. Army.

Is Army an abstract noun?

The ‘army’ is a collective noun. An abstract noun is a noun that represents a feeling or emotion which cannot be seen but can be felt. ‘Courage’ is an abstract noun.

Is Army a noun or verb?

noun, plural ar·mies. a large body of persons trained and armed for war. any body of persons organized for any purpose: an army of census takers.

What is the noun of army?

noun. /ˈɑrmi/ (pl. armies) 1[countable] a large organized group of soldiers who are trained to fight on land The two opposing armies faced each other across the battlefield.

What is the correct collective noun for soldiers?

armyAnswer and Explanation: A collective noun for ‘soldiers’ could be ‘army. ‘ Depending on the number of soldiers in the group, other collective nouns could also be used.