Quick Answer: What Does Fan Favorite Mean?

What is a fan of someone?

countable noun [usually noun NOUN] If you are a fan of someone or something, especially a famous person or a sport, you like them very much and are very interested in them..

What is the meaning of biggest fan?

1. Definition (n.) an admirer, someone who really likes something. Examples I’m a big fan of Kylie Minogue! I have all her albums and two T-shirts!

What is the synonym of favorite?

In this page you can discover 67 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for favorite, like: best-liked, beloved, desired, liked, favored, minion, apple of one’s eye, dear to one’s heart, adored, especially liked and adored one.

What’s the opposite of a fan?

What is the opposite of fan?nonfancriticcynicdisbelieverdisparagerbackbiteropponentfretterbelittlerreviler15 more rows

What does not fond of mean?

So if he’s not fond of something, he doesn’t like it. It means you like it or are supportive of it. So if he’s not fond of something, he doesn’t like it.

What does diehard mean?

noun. a person who vigorously maintains or defends a seemingly hopeless position, outdated attitude, lost cause, or the like.

How do you say big fan?

big fan / synonymsgreat admirer. phr.huge fan. phr.great fan. phr.huge admirer. phr.biggest fan. phr.such a fan. phr.big admirer. phr.really big fan. phr.More items…

What is the difference between favorite and Favourite?

Favorite and favourite are both correct spellings, depending on whether you use American or British spelling standards. Favorite is preferred in American English, while favourite is preferred in British English.

What is Favourite personality?

There are many people all around the world who are very famous and celebrities. But my favorite personality is my father. My father is my hero and an awesome father. He is kind, polite and really friendly to everyone. He is a pastor by profession and is very good in teaching to his family and congregation.

How do you use favorites?

To add tabs to favorites:Right-click the top of the browser window, then select Menu bar. The menu bar will appear.Click Favorites, then select Add current tabs to favorites…A dialog box will appear. Choose a name and location for the new folder, then click Add.A new folder will appear in the selected location.

What is fan favorite?

Meaning of fan favorite in English player who is very popular with the supporters of a particular team or sport: The tennis player quickly became a fan favorite.

What do favorites mean?

a person or thing regarded with special favor or preference: That song is an old favorite of mine. Sports. a competitor considered likely to win. a person or thing popular with the public. a person treated with special or undue favor by a king, official, etc.: favorites at the court.

What does die hard fan mean?

Filters. The definition of die hard is someone or something that shows or possesses extreme, absolute or complete loyalty even if facing defeat or hopelessness. An example of a die hard fan is a person who goes to see a losing team play every single game, even in the rain or if the game is a practice game.

What does not a fan mean?

I’m not a fan of (jazz music): I don’t really like (jazz music)

What is another name for a fan?

SYNONYMS FOR fan supporter, enthusiast, partisan, booster, addict.

What does not a big fan mean?

You can say “I’m not a big fan of . . .” or “I’m not a huge fan of . . .” to express that you don’t like something/someone very much.

What is the opposite word of Favourite?

What is the opposite of favorite?unbelovedhateddislikedloathedunappreciatedunwanteddespiseddetestedscornedspurned43 more rows

What’s the difference between fan and fun?

is that fan is to blow air on (something) by means of a fan (hand-held, mechanical or electrical) or otherwise while fun is (colloquial) to tease, kid, poke fun at, make fun of.

Who is in the fan favorite packs?

NBA 2K20 – MyTEAM: Fan Favorites Pack – Steam News. The newest theme collection in MyTEAM lets you run the show with some NBA Fan Favorites! Add Galaxy Opal Tacko Fall, Alex Caruso & Bol Bol to your lineup, along with PD Manute Bol, Brian Scalabrine & Diamond Boban Marjanovic.

What does FANS ONLY mean?

OnlyFans is a social media platform which allows content creators to post content and receive payment directly from their followers, or “fans” via subscriptions or one-off tips. It was founded by CEO Timothy Stokely in 2016 and has around 30 million registered users and around 450,000 content creators.

What do you call your favorite person?

What is another word for Favorite person?darling. favorite person and darling.dear one. favorite person and dear one.apple of eye. favorite person and apple of eye.one and only. favorite person and one and only.dearie. favorite person and dearie.light of my life. … fair-haired boy. … honeybunch.More items…

What does it mean if a girl calls you her favorite?

It has two meanings. First one(most common):it is an indirect indication that if you have crush on her. you will end up in friendzoned. If you don’t have a crush.then she just like you being around her as a friend.

What is meant by die heart fan?

diehard |ˈdīˌhärd| noun [ often as modifier ] a person who strongly opposes change or who continues to support something in spite of opposition: diehard traditionalists | she was a diehard Yankees fan.