Quick Answer: What Is A Demonstrative Pronoun Example?

What is demonstrative and examples?

Pronouns that point to specific things: this, that, these, and those, as in “This is an apple,” “Those are boys,” or “Take these to the clerk.” The same words are used as demonstrative adjectives when they modify nouns or pronouns: “this apple,” “those boys.”.

How do you use distributive pronouns?

Note that a distributive pronoun is always singular and as such it should be followed by a singular noun and verb….When more than two persons or things are spoken of, any, no one or none should be used.None of the three answers is correct. … We invited several friends, but none came.More items…•

What is the example of demonstrative?

ExamplesNear the speakerFar from the speakerThis is a nice surprise!That must have been a nice surprise for you.These apples are mine.Those apples are yours.What are you up to these days?Those days are long gone.This time I won’t be late.We really surprised you that time.2 more rows

What is the function of demonstrative pronouns?

A pronoun is a word that is used instead of a noun in a sentence. A demonstrative pronoun is a specific type of pronoun. A demonstrative pronoun is used to replace a noun that has already been mentioned in conversation or a written work.

How many demonstrative pronouns are there?

five demonstrative pronounsThere are five demonstrative pronouns in English: this, that, these, those, and the less common yon or yonder (the latter is usually employed as a demonstrative determiner; even so it is rarely used in most dialects of English, although it persists in some dialects such as Southern American English).

What does demonstrative mean in grammar?

noun. Definition of demonstrative (Entry 2 of 2) grammar. : a word or morpheme pointing out the one referred to and distinguishing it from others of the same class : a demonstrative (see demonstrative entry 1 sense 2) word or morpheme the demonstratives “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those”

Is such a demonstrative pronoun?

Such can be used as singular and plural demonstrative pronouns. If such is the way she explains things, the children will find it difficult to understand. (Such is singular because way is singular.) Such are the things we need to bring along for the trip to study the rocky landscape.

Can a demonstrative pronoun be the subject of a sentence?

A demonstrative pronoun can be the subject, direct object, indirect object, or object of the preposition in a sentence.

What are the 4 demonstrative pronouns?

Four Important Words: This, That, These, and Those These four words can serve as demonstrative pronouns or as demonstrative adjectives. We have four demonstrative pronouns in our language: this and that and their plurals these and those.

What do you mean by demonstrative?

adjective. characterized by or given to open exhibition or expression of one’s emotions, attitudes, etc., especially of love or affection: She wished her fiancé were more demonstrative. serving to demonstrate; explanatory or illustrative. serving to prove the truth of anything; indubitably conclusive.

How many types of pronouns are there?

seven typesThere are seven types of pronouns that both English and English as a second language writers must recognize: the personal pronoun, the demonstrative pronoun, the interrogative pronoun, the relative pronoun, the indefinite pronoun, the reflexive pronoun, and the intensive pronoun.

How do you use demonstrative in a sentence?

Demonstrative sentence examplesThe Posterior Analytics, on demonstrative syllogism, or science; 5. … demonstrative knowledge in the Analytics. … The Italian right was so far not heavily attacked, and demonstrative attacks by the Austrians in the Val Sugana were readily repulsed.More items…

What is a demonstrative sentence?

Demonstrative sentence: Demonstrative sentences are the ones that contain demonstrative pronouns in them. Demonstrative Pronoun: A pronoun that point to a specific thing in a sentence that is any item in space and time is called a demonstrative pronoun. These pronouns can exist as singular or plurals.

Is the word it a demonstrative pronoun?

Demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that points towards the noun it replaces, indicating it in time, space, and distance. It can be singular or a plural; it may be a near demonstrative, “this, that,” or a far demonstrative, “that, those.” … There are four demonstrative pronouns: this, that, these, and those.

How do you teach demonstrative pronouns?

Lesson Procedure:Introduce the demonstrative pronouns. … Arrange the board with structures. … Play “All around the classroom” … Play the “this, that, these, those board game” … Do the “this, that, these, those 1” worksheet. … Read classroom reader “The Secret Cave” … Play “Run and touch the object”