Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Anxious?

What is the synonym of the word anxious?

worried, concerned, apprehensive, fearful, uneasy, ill at ease, perturbed, troubled, disquieted, bothered, disturbed, distressed, fretful, fretting, agitated, in a state of agitation, nervous, in a state of nerves, edgy, on edge, tense, overwrought, worked up, keyed up, strung out, jumpy, afraid, worried sick, with ….

What is another word for nervous?

What is another word for nervous?agitatedanxiousshiverytimorousuncomfortabledisturbedfearfulnervyqueasyshaky228 more rows

What is the opposite of anxiety?

The opposite of anxiety is trust: trust in our core strengths, trust in our resilience, trust in the process, and trust even in the discomfort of our anxious emotions to deliver important messages.

What is Anxiety Syndrome?

However, people with anxiety disorders frequently have intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. Often, anxiety disorders involve repeated episodes of sudden feelings of intense anxiety and fear or terror that reach a peak within minutes (panic attacks).

Is nervous and anxious the same thing?

But feeling nervous and having an anxiety disorder are two very different things. Characterized by excessive worry or fear, anxiety disorders can affect a person’s ability to work, attend school and maintain relationships.

What’s another word for anxiety attack?

What is another word for panic attack?panicspasmscarefit of terrorpanic disorderanxietyalertwarning

What words describe anxiety?

afraidabashed.aghast.alarmed.anxious.apprehensive.aroused.blanched.cowardly.More items…

Is anxiety another word for depression?

Depression Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for depression?melancholydespondencydejectionmiserydespairgloominessdolefulnessgloomdesolationdispiritedness225 more rows

What does anxiety mean?

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. The first day of school, going to a job interview, or giving a speech may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous.

Is nervous and scared the same thing?

As adjectives the difference between scared and nervous is that scared is having fear; afraid, frightened while nervous is (obscure) of a piece of writing: forceful, powerful.

How do you describe a nervous person?

Stuttering / repeating yourself / lacking or missing words. quick/uneasy breathing. using or positioning your hands/arms/legs differently. looking around quickly/without focus.