Quick Answer: What You On About Meaning?

How am I supposed to know meaning?

1 phrase If you say that something is supposed to happen, you mean that it is planned or expected.

3 phrase If you say that something is supposed to be true, you mean that people say it is true but you do not know for certain that it is true..

What do you thing Meaning?

To do what one is interested in or skilled at, rather than simply doing what everyone else does. You don’t have to go to med school just because your sister did—you need to do your own thing. Andrea is very independent and usually just does her own thing.

What I am saying meaning?

“What am I saying?” is another way of saying, “OK, if my first definition or description doesn’t work for you, here’s another way of explaining it that might make more sense to you.” … The speaker could then go on to explain what they’re saying.

Who says thats what Im talking about?

Kylie Cantrall – That’s What I’m Talkin’ Bout (Disney Channel Voices/Official Music Video) – YouTube.

Where we use supposed to in English?

Supposed to is used when we are talking about our obligations. Use supposed to when saying what is the best thing to do in a situation; the correct way of doing things. For example, use supposed to for cultural rules and expectations. “You are not supposed to talk loudly in a library.”

What I’m supposed to do meaning?

If you are supposed to do something, it means that you’d better get to it. If you’re supposed to go to your grandma’s house for dinner, then your grandmother expects you. Something that’s required is supposed, and something that’s assumed to be true — even if it’s really not — is also supposed.

How do you use supposed to?

When to Use Supposed ToI have to be home by midnight or my coach will turn into a pumpkin. I am supposed to be home by midnight or my coach will turn into a pumpkin. … It was supposed to rain today. … He is supposed to turn in his homework on Friday mornings. … Max isn’t here yet, so I suppose his train was delayed.

Do u meaning?

—used to ask someone whether he or she likes something.

Do your own thing Meaning?

If you do your own thing, you live, act, or behave in the way you want to, without paying attention to convention or depending on other people.

What I am talking about meaning?

“That’s what I’m talking about” (with spoken emphasis usually on “that’s”) is a phrase used to express enthusiastic support for whatever “that” refers to in context.

What does are you about it mean?

Is “What are you about?”= “What are you doing”? thanks. To me, “what are you about?” means “what kind of person are you?” ie. what is your personality, what are your likes and dislikes, etc. Often said as “What are you all about?”.

Whats your thing Meaning?

The thing’s confidence, security and accomplishment. The thing’s doing what you say you’re going to do. The thing is saying what you mean and meaning what you say.