What’S The Opposite Of Intensive?

What’s the opposite of intense?

cool, reduced, heedless, lessened, moderated, negligent, unconcerned, regardless, careless, impassive, purposeless, detached, unsaturated, weak, indifferent, superficial, stolid, uninterested, subdued, apathetic, diminished, unmoved, unemotional, calm, cold, feeble, dispassionate, objective, toned, frigid, ….

What is technically speaking?

“Technically speaking” is a detailed explanation with the finest of detail. It’s often used to express something that is typical of one’s behavior or actions. “What time did you wake up this morning?”

What is an intense person?

Emotionally intense people have a capacity for compassion, empathy, and sensitivity in relationships, they show strong emotional attachments to people, places, and things. They may identify with or absorb other’s emotions, and be overwhelmed by what they see and perceive in the social world.

What does apathetic mean?

having or showing little or no emotion: apathetic behavior.

What is the opposite of technically?

Opposite of adverb for involving or concerned with applied and industrial sciences. generally. nontechnically. straightforwardly.

What is another word for intensive?

Intensive Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for intensive?concentratedexhaustiveintensethoroughcompleteseriousall-outcomprehensiveconcerteddetailed234 more rows

What’s the meaning of intensive?

(Entry 1 of 2) : of, relating to, or marked by intensity or intensification: such as. a : highly concentrated intensive study. b : tending to strengthen or increase especially : tending to give force or emphasis intensive adverb.

What does extensive farming mean?

Extensive agriculture, in agricultural economics, system of crop cultivation using small amounts of labour and capital in relation to area of land being farmed. The crop yield in extensive agriculture depends primarily on the natural fertility of the soil, the terrain, the climate, and the availability of water.

What is intensive example?

The intensive/reflexive pronouns include myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves. Furthermore, an intensive pronoun is defined as a pronoun that ends in “self” or “selves” and places emphasis on its antecedent.

What does technically mean in a sentence?

Something technically true is actually, really true or correct but it may not be the way people think about it. For example, although people call a tomato a vegetable, technically it’s a fruit.

What does time intensive mean?

If an activity is “time intensive”, it means that it takes a lot of time to complete. You can use this phrase for talking about some task at work: It’s too time intensive. …

What is the difference between literally and technically?

Literally is supposed to mean that you’re speaking the objective truth. It means that the very words you’re saying is true. … Technically emphasizes that while there is truth to what you’re saying, there’s other factors that make it untrue.

What does zealous mean?

adjective. filled with or inspired by intense enthusiasm or zeal; ardent; fervent.

What is the antonym of intensive?

What is the opposite of intensive?lightmoderatebriefcasualcarelesssummarydesultoryperfunctoryoffhandslapdash23 more rows

What is the opposite of intensive farming?

Extensive farming, the opposite of intensive farming, is characterised by a low use of capital and labour (e.g. fertilisers, pesticides, machinery) relative to land area. The crop yields per unit of land are lower than in intensive agriculture.

What does intensive course mean?

Intensive courses largely aim at dealing with urgent language training needs within a short period of time. They often take place on an individual basis or in small groups.