Which Is No Longer In Use One Word Substitution?

What is a fancy lady?

an immoral woman, esp.

a man’s mistress.


a prostitute.

Also: fancy lady..

What is the British slang for woman?

bintA You’re right: bint is British slang for a woman or girl, but it is always disparaging and offensive and signals the user as lower class and unrefined.

What Cannot be seen in one word substitution?

Solution(By Examveda Team) One word substitution is Invisible. Insensible: unaware of or indifferent to. Intangible: unable to be touched; not having physical presence. Invisible: unable to be seen.

How do you use the word substitute?

The easiest way to get it right is to think of sport, where, if someone is injured, you bring on a substitute. The substitute is the new person or part, which takes the place of the original. So, when substitute is a verb, the structure is: ‘substitute [new thing] for [original thing]’.

What is the oldest word in the world?

Mother, bark and spit are some of the oldest known words, say researchers. Continue reading → Mother, bark and spit are just three of 23 words that researchers believe date back 15,000 years, making them the oldest known words.

What is a old fashioned word for woman?

An old-fashioned or extremely polite word for “woman” is lady.

How do you substitute words?

Find and replace textGo to Home > Replace or press Ctrl+H.Enter the word or phrase you want to locate in the Find box.Enter your new text in the Replace box.Select Find Next until you come to the word you want to update.Choose Replace. To update all instances at once, choose Replace All.

What is a slang word for beautiful?

Urban Thesaurus finds slang words that are related to your search query. bbw conor oberst sharina gorgeous jolynn gorgouse btfl shabba fine bella bootiful fabs ayanna profane ville valo dime piece heina beautimous deanna ashley.

Which is no longer in use one word?

A thing no longer in use : Obsolete.

Which Cannot be removed one word substitution?

One word substitution is Incorrigible. Unintelligible: impossible to understand. Indelible: making marks that cannot be removed. Illegible: not clear enough to be read.

What is the one word substitute for the expression the things that have no life?

Without life – Inanimate : One word substitute.

What are some old slang words?

I don’t know about you, but I think old slang words should be brought back to present times….Then read on for some of the very best.”DAP” (Or “Dead Ass Perfect”) … “Don’t Have A Cow” … “Know Your Onions” … “Happy Cabbage” … “The Cat’s Pajamas” … “Pang-Wangle” … “The Bank’s Closed”More items…•

What is the meaning of one word substitution?

One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. It simply means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word. This area requires a good vocabulary to solve the questions well. Questions based on one word substitution are often asked in various competitive exams.

What is one word which can be used to complete?

Answer: The one word which can be used in order to complete all of the given words, is the word called, “ARE”.

What is one word substitution example?

List of One Word SubstitutionsPhraseOne WordOne who is all knowingOmniscientOne who is present all overOmnipresentOne who can throw his voiceVentriloquistOne who talks while sleepingSomniloquist33 more rows

Who Cannot corrected?

One who cannot be corrected is called Incorrigible. This word is also used for the thing that cannot be reformed or improved.

What do you call a female homie?

“Homie” has no gender, so yes, a female can be called homie. “Homie” has no gender, so yes, a female can be called homie.

What is another name for Lady?

What is another word for lady?womanfemaledollempressmamamarematronmistressprincessqueen69 more rows